CBD: It’s Not Just An Oil

You can’t have failed to have heard about CBD oil in recent months and years. It’s become a highly popular supplement for many people in the UK and elsewhere around the world. But CBD oil is far from the only product that makes use of hemp plants.

CBD itself is the cannabidiol that’s extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant but the substance isn’t just bottled and sold. There is a range of products on the market that make use of CBD as an important ingredient.

It’s important to remember that CBD isn’t the same as cannabis in terms of the effects it has on the body. One of the key features of CBD is that it doesn’t contain any THC, which is the component of marijuana that makes people high.

We make high quality organic CBD products, using a high-quality phytocannabinoid rich oil (PCR) that has zero THC content. These products extend far beyond CBD oils, although we offer those as well.

When it comes to deciding which CBD products to buy, Nutritional Outlook recommended choosing the one that’s “best suited to your needs and lifestyle”.

Among the options are products that can be swallowed, inhaled or simply combined in your cooking. There are also tinctures that are administered by holding the CBD tincture under your tongue for 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing it.

The news provider explained that using a tincture will mean more of the CBD is utilised in your body than if you eat or swallow your CBD, because when you use a tincture, the cannabinoids are absorbed into your bloodstream before the oil is broken down in your liver.

When you ingest CBD oil, it all gets processed by your liver as it moves through your digestive system, which reduces the concentration in your body.

In our shop, you’ll find a range of CBD oils available to purchase, as well as organic wildflower CBD honey, which is a great dietary supplement that tastes wonderful. We also sell CBD capsules, and a variety of CBD hemp extract creams that can be topically applied to the skin.

The article for Nutritional Outlook explained that how long it takes your body to absorb the CBD will depend on various factors, including how you ingest it, as well as your body’s composition. Those with slow metabolism, for instance, typically find that it takes a little longer for the effects of the CBD to be felt.

It also explained that you should start with a low dose of CBD and gradually build it up until you’re getting the results you want. This allows you to understand how your body processes CBD and will mean you get the most from whichever product you’re using.

A post for Leafly recently pointed out that there’s a huge variety of products available in the UK that contain CBD. They range from gummy sweets to CBD-infused hummus. There are also chocolate bars containing CBD and CBD marshmallows available.

This just goes to show how versatile CBD is and how many ways in which you could incorporate this supplement into your diet.