CBD Honey: What Do You Need To Know?

There is a growing number of products available containing CBD – short for cannabidiol. Although oils and tinctures are still some of the most popular for people who are using CBD, there’s a rising number of edible products that are infused with CBD.

CBD honey is just one of them, but before you rush out to buy a jar, what do you need to know?

Firstly, as a recent article for AP News pointed out, honey on its own has a number of benefits. Raw honey has a host of nutritional benefits, including high antioxidant content, which makes it a good addition to someone’s diet.

The news provider also noted that people want to buy products that actively support our ecosystems, and specifically bees, after reports of bee numbers plummeting all over the world. Buying locally-produced, sustainable and organic honey is one eco-friendly option when it comes to ingredients for your kitchen cupboard.

But there are now several companies that are offering CBD honey. One of the first things to note about this product is that the organic honey is infused with CBD oil. Bees don’t collect pollen from cannabis plants.

As The Growth Op explained last year, cannabis plants don’t produce nectar, which means bees don’t visit them. What’s more, bees don’t have an endocannabinoid system, so they have no reason to be attracted to this plant.

CBD infused honey is, therefore, simply another way in which to introduce CBD to your diet as a nutritional supplement. The beauty of having CBD in honey is that it can be mixed with a wide variety of dishes to create culinary delights and deliver the benefits that CBD can bring.

An article for Flux Magazine explained that honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history. For example, Cleopatra is said to have mixed honey with milk to make a face mask as far back as the days of Ancient Egypt.

These days, we understand that the benefits honey brings come from its high antioxidant content, as well as its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. While it is associated with a host of folk remedies for a wide variety of ailments, it’s most commonly viewed as a nutritional supplement these days.

The great thing about honey is that it can be used in skin products as well as consumed, making it a versatile addition to your cupboard. It can be found in everything from face masks to hair conditioner if you look.

When it comes to CBD infused honey, The Growth Op stressed that, while it’s a good addition to your diet because of honey’s superfood status, it shouldn’t be viewed as a “panacea”.

One of the other advantages to CBD infused honey is that, because of the sweetness of the honey, you’re unlikely to notice the sometimes bitter aftertaste associated with CBD oil and tinctures. If this is something you struggle with, but you’re keen to introduce CBD into your diet, then the CBD infused honey could be a good way to go.

You should also look at how much CBD is infused into the honey. In the 100ml pots of wildflower honey that we sell, 250mg of CBD is infused into each one.