Everything You Need To Know About CBD Yoga

In the two years since CBD products exploded on the high street, we have had CBD oils, cookies, smoothies, gummies, chocolates, granola bars, vapes, oils, coffees, and even toothpaste! But the latest craze in London is CBD yoga. So what’s that all about?

For the uninitiated, CBD is a cannabis extract but contains none of the psychoactive inducing THC. In short, it can confer all sorts of benefits that are latent in cannabis, without getting you high.

Some have dismissed CBD as a fad, like some so-called ‘superfoods’. Unfortunately, the only thing that blueberries and acai have gifted us with is a blue tongue. CBD, however, isn’t just a fad.

The National Institute of Health has found that it reduces anxiety and depression, helps you quit smoking, reduces chronic pain, and may even be ‘neuroprotective’ i.e. protect against brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone Disease.

So why CBD yoga? Well, to start with, yoga and cannabis have a history. Marijuana is a sacred plant in India- where yoga originated- and has been smoked by Sadhus (wandering holy men) in conjunction with yogic practices for centuries.

In more recent history, the Beatles brought this combination to the attention of the West when they rocked up to a Rishikeshi ashram with their ‘far out’ entourage in the dope-smoking era of the late ‘60s. The expedition ended in tears, but it did produce the White Album.

Obviously, with our busy modern lives, getting baked in a gym just isn’t practical, or sensible. But as there’s no psychoactive effect from taking CBD, you could go to a session and still be in fine shape for a dinner with the in-laws.

Yoga itself is good for relieving muscle tension, stress and anxiety, so the combination of yoga with CBD is harmonious. Plus, it helps to reduce the short term aches and pains you might feel after a particularly vigorous session of Ashtanga.

If the words ‘calming and gently relaxing’ are sounding a lot like your favourite yoga practice, that’s no coincidence, as many yogis are discovering, CBD products and asana practice go together like bolsters and yoga blankets.

CBD is a natural fit for a restorative-style or gentle yoga class, but it can also enhance your experience in a more upbeat, quicker-paced flow-style or vinyasa class, especially if you’re prone to a wandering mind.

How often have you been in a yoga class felt unable to calm your mind, and find your zen centre? It’s hard to automatically turn off your overthinking brain simply because you’ve hit the mat. CBD can help. 

London has many studios that are now offering CBD yoga sessions that range from having a cup of CBD tea included in the price for a session, to truly deluxe options with Vitamin C infused showers, essential oils and filter to neutralise chlorine and full aromatherapy spa experiences.

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