CBD Could Reduce Pandemic Stress

Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss and frustration are all completely normal feelings to be experiencing at the moment, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the world.

Most people’s lives have been turned upside down, now unable to go out, see their friends or family, or take part in holidays, activities or special events they had planned. Some people have had to postpone their weddings, others have had to cancel their vacations, while those who are pregnant are likely to be worried about their birth plan changing or if contracting the virus might affect their unborn baby. People with serious conditions or who are elderly could also be living in fear of catching the bug, scared of the health repercussions of doing so.

With all the uncertainty and trepidation around at the moment, the public will be looking for ways to alleviate their worries, provide relief for their stress and boost their mood in times of sadness. This where the best CBD capsules could come in use, as it has long been associated with improving sleep, calming anxiety, and helping people to wind down after a difficult day.

According to Medical News Today, this is because CBD has a high density of cannabinoids that connect with receptors in the brain, which could help reduce stress.

Brain scans in 2010 revealed changes in blood flow to regions of the organ that are linked to anxiety. This suggested it altered the way participants’ brains responded to anxiety, helping them to stay calm and collected in a crisis.

More recently, CBD was studied to determine whether it could limit post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety-provoked insomnia in a child that had suffered trauma in her life. The conclusion was CBD was effective in reducing the subject’s anxiety, and improved their sleep as a result.

There are a number of ways CBD can make you feel better, whether it is by aiding a restful sleep, giving you glowing skin, dealing with last-minute stresses, soothing the body, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, or helping you wind down.

According to Leafly: “There are many opportunities throughout your day to chip away at work stress and anxiety with the help of CBD products.”

Many might find they require some stress-relief now more than ever, as Covid-19 continues to cause fatalities around the country.

Mental health charity Mind recognises that living alone, the extra pressure of taking care of children while working, not being able to work, losing out on business, or having to be vigilant with personal hygiene could all exaggerate previous emotional wellbeing issues, or even create new ones.

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) suggests ways of dealing with this anxiety and worry, which include limiting access to the news or only reading credible sources; doing something they can control; thinking about the present more; looking after physical health; and practising breathing techniques to encourage relaxation.

Member of the organisation Catherine Gallacher said: “These can be helpful in managing anxiety. They are good tools for dealing with nervous feelings.”