CBD Is ‘Holy Grail Of Anxiety Solutions’

Demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products has soared over the last few months, with more Brits taking capsules or using Simply CBD oils to help them cope with the stress of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nobody could have predicted the global crisis – therefore, there is no right or wrong way for people to react to it. Some have found it helpful to take up knitting, others have found it therapeutic to get back into running as they are unable to leave the house other than for exercise.

There are also many people who have turned to using CBD as a means to cope with the unprecedented event and the anxiousness of not knowing how and if the virus will affect themselves or those they love.

Indeed, so popular is the product that Vogue UK has hailed it the “holy grail of anxiety solutions” for lots of Brits.

It noted that the popularity of CBD has surged since lockdown began at the end of March, with sales having increased significantly over the last few weeks.

The reason behind this is because lots of studies have shown CBD can reduce the effects of anxiety, as well as post traumatic stress disorder, seasonal affective disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder, all of which many people might be suffering from at the moment.

Julie Moltke, author of A Quick Guide To CBD and scientific advisor to The Drug Store, told the publication: “It interacts with – and balances out – the endocannabinoid system, as well as the serotonin system, which are involved in anxiety and depression.”

Her study revealed a third of people who take CBD use it for stress and anxiety, and three-quarters of those believe it to be successful at helping with their mental health struggles.

“It slows down the mental overload that comes with anxiety and stress, conditions in which thought patterns can become repetitive. CBD helps create a bit more space in the mind,” Ms Moltke stated.

This has become very tempting for a huge number of Brits, particularly those who have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, whether they have lost their jobs, known someone die from the virus, or cannot cope with the isolation of lockdown.

Indeed, recent research by Brightfield Group revealed 39 per cent of people expected to use more CBD during the crisis. This figure rose to 49 per cent of Millennials and Gen Z respondents. This survey was taken between March 16th and 19th, before lockdown was introduced, which could mean these figures might be even higher now.

As well as being used for anxiety, with 53 per cent of consumers buying products to relieve stress, CBD is commonly taken for depression and insomnia, two conditions that are also likely to rise significantly as coronavirus continues to spread across the nation.

The survey also found that many people are using alternative products – from hemp cream and CBD oils – for self-care, as more people are indulging themselves during this time of uncertainty to “keep themselves sane and even [to] just pass the time”.