Top Supplements To Give Dogs

Many of us take supplements for ourselves, whether we want to top up on our vitamin intake or find herbal alternatives for conventional medicines. However, not a lot of people consider giving their dogs natural supplements, even though these can help their furry friends in much the same way as they do for us.

Here are some of the most popular supplements for your pooches, ranging from those that help to reduce arthritic pain to those good at relieving anxiety.

CBD for pain, anxiety and seizures

Over the last few years, CBD has become increasingly popular with humans, with lots of people buying CBD oils and hemp products for their health benefits.

Well, now pet owners are doing the same for their pooches, with studies having shown CBD can be effective for “management of painful conditions, anxiety-related issues and seizures”.

This is according to vet Dr Francisco Di Polo, who told Refinery29 that CBD can stimulate a dog’s endocannabinoid system and readdress any imbalances.

An article in Green Entrepreneur also recognised that dogs with osteoarthritis can be “positively impacted by low-dosage CBD treatments”.

A surge in studies on the subject could encourage more pet owners to consider dog CBD treats in order to alleviate inflammation, pain and discomfort for their four-legged friends.

Aromatherapy oils for anxiety

Although there has been growing awareness about anxiety disorders and mental health issues in humans over the last few years, the same cannot be said for canines. However, dogs can suffer from stress in much the same way, particularly if they have had a difficult past, have suffered physical abuse, are sensitive to loud noises or have separation issues.

Therefore, dog lovers will want to look for anxiety-relief products that can calm their companions down in stressful situations.

Chicago Tribune recommends aromatherapy as a way to soothe a dog by using a diffuser or mister to release calming fragrances into the room.

“When an anxious dog inhales these aromas, its own body chemistry should release natural anti-stress hormones,” it stated.

Essential oils can also be sprayed onto their favourite objects, so they can find relief from their anxiety with their toys.

However, owners were recommended to research aromatherapy thoroughly before using it on their pooches, so they do not give them potentially hazardous substances.

Weighted vests, visual or audio stimulation and small treats can also be effective tools for distracting dogs from their anxious episodes.

Salmon oil for joint health

Some dogs really suffer with their joints, in which case their owners will look for anything to relieve this discomfort. Something that works effectively is salmon oil, which not only reduces inflammation but its fishy flavour means furry friends cannot get enough of it.

Dog Time reported that its omega-3 fatty acids are the secret to keeping joints strong and healthy, adding that the oil has other benefits too: “Not only does this product help joints, but it’s also very beneficial for pets with sensitive skin and helps to keep your pet’s coat healthy.”

These supplements can be given to cats too, so pet owners with both canines and felines can get maximum use out of their salmon oil supply.