All About CBD For Pets

CBD for pets has been trending recently, and for good reasons! Firstly, as the Fourth of July approaches in the US, CBD oil has been proven to reduce anxiety in dogs who are upset by fireworks, but CBD can also be used to treat seizures and to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and cancer in our furry friends.

In many countries around the world, CBD oils have been regulated and are completely legal, and even The Veterinary Medicines Doctor in the United Kingdom stated that cannabidiol products are often used for medicinal purposes, and recent research has shown CBD can help dogs suffering from canine osteoarthritis.

Dosing and Administering Cannabidiol

For pet parents is can be a challenge to know just the right dosage to give to their fur babies. This is due to the fact there are no exact figures yet when it comes to dosage. Thankfully, there are online dosage calculators to help determine the correct amount, depending on your pet’s size and weight.

THC and CBD: Why Your Pet Won’t Get High

While THC (the element in cannabis that gets you high) and CBD are made of the same atoms, the arrangement of them is different (consider how carbon can be a diamond or a lump of coal), and it is the differences in the molecular arrangement that decide how either compound affects the user’s brain.

Because most CBD products contain little to no THC, the users will not get high, meaning they can get the benefits, but without any side effects. CBD has no addictive properties, so your pet will not become dependent on the supplements.

Why It Will Work For Your Furry Friend

Humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the brain. Research into the ECS has shown that it controls some of the functions of the immune system, fat tissues, skin, heart, liver, stomach, and the central nervous system.

The ECS sends signals to the molecules to behave in a specific way, and it is constantly creating a type of homeostasis in the body that includes a wide range of processes, including mood, metabolism, pain, appetite, memory, sleep, stress, and more.

When the ECS gets dysfunctional because of a disease, the body will trigger a whole new spectrum of other processes that relate to the disorder. This is why many cats and dogs that have cancer may also experience inflammation, nausea, stress, and anxiety.

THC and cannabidiol have the same structure of chemicals similar to the ECS, which means they can interact and attach themselves to cell receptors, activating them in the process. These activated cannabinoids maintain balance in the body and prevent the progression of disease in the body.

The phytocannabinoids found in hemp will restore homeostasis. They contain a lot of chemicals that can affect the body on a molecular level positively. As a result, your cats and dogs can live a healthier and longer life that they deserve.

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