Here at CDB Simply we are dedicated to making top quality Organic CBD products using only the finest quality organic PCR oil (Zero THC) yet keeping our costs as low as possible. We believe your natural health and well-being shouldn’t cost the Earth and neither should the organic products available to our customers.

Our Phytocannaninoid Rich Oil (PCR) (Zero THC)

We have spent months upon months sourcing what we now know is the best, finest, purest organic full spectrum hemp oil on Earth today…

Our supplier is one of the largest producers, manufacturers and distributors in the USA. They own one of the largest Phytocannaninoid extraction and purification facilities out in the states. Their unique engineering process allows them to separate and remove unwanted compounds, whilst creating maximum potency levels of Phytocannaninoids, terpens, terpenoids and flavonoids.

CBD Simply source our PCR oil from farms that pride their selves on transparency. Naturally developed genetic strains of Cannabis (Staiva) Photocannabinoids – Rich hemp plants, grown in the USA employing the finest organic farming practices.